10 habits, which must be avoided for healthy lifestyle

1)Avoid Overeating:- Sometimes, you eat snack, even you are not hungry . If you do this repetitively, then this habit kill body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signal. And this habit increase your weight.

2)Overspending:- Financial stress will increase the chances of high blood pressure,insomnia,digestion trouble. You should spend the money within the limit .

3)Morning breakfast:-Never miss morning breakfast. Otherwise it will impact upon your blood sugar level, weight and energy level.It also lower the metabolism, and weight become increases.

4)Avoid Stress and tension:-Many peoples have habit of getting tension of very small things, which should be avoided. Stress full and  tense life activate your stress hormones, which negatively affect your blood pressure, immunity and digestion.

5)Avoid Smoking and Drinking:- Smoking and Drinking alcohol will create lever disease and cancer.

6)Avoid too much T.V watching.:- Too much T.V. watching will reduce physical activity.

7)Avoid less sleep:-Take 6-8 hours sleep daily. Less sleep will increase heart disease and sleeping disorder.

8)Avoid Red Meat:- Eat less Red Meat, and more White or Light meat.

Red meat refers to meat that appears red before cooking. Beef, veal, lamb, mutton, venison, pork, goat, rabbit, buffalo meat (that is, meat from bison) and beefalo are all red meats. In fact, all meats derived from mammals are red meats. The United States Department of Agriculture considers all meats derived from livestock to be red meats.

White meat refers to any light-colored meat, such as fish, seafood, and particularly poultry. However in a broader sense it includes any of the meats that are considered to be less fatty in comparison with red meats. The term white meat comes from the fact that the meat of chicken is white in color. Examples of white meat are animal proteins derived from birds (chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, etc.), fish, reptiles (alligator meat), amphibians (frogs’ legs), crustaceans (lobster, shrimp, crab) or bivalves (oysters, clams, mussels).

White meat is also given to lean meat – which is nutritionally better…

Most doctors say to avoid red meat, so I guess you can say white is better. But I think the main thing is to avoid saturated fat which leads to cholesterol.

9)Avoid Loneliness:-Loneliness is  like smoking.  Avoid loneliness, try to be social, talk to peoples .

10) Avoid Headphone:-Avoid headphone. It will leads to hearing loss. Or if necessary, use headphone on low volume.
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