10 Tips for beauty sleep

1) One needs to have  timely sleep schedule. Preferably from 10 pm to 6 am.

2)Oversleeping on weekends cannot compensate for lack of sleep on weekdays. It won’t reverse the damage,nor will afternoon naps.

3)Keep your mind clutter-free.All of life’s important decision and analysis can wait till the next morning.Jot down all important tasks for the next day in your diary or on a piece of paper, to keep your mind at ease.

4)You should have gadget cut-off time. Switch off the TV, latest by ten. No matter how tempting, do not message, call or surf social networking sites after 10.

5)Caffeine,alcohol and nicotine hamper a good night’s rest. If you have to consume them, give a gap of at least an hour and a half between your last drink/smoke/coffee before bedtime.

6)Opt for comforting rituals like a warm bath, a foot soak that soothe your senses.

7)If all fails and you still have trouble sleeping, try including a physical exercise into your daily schedule:jogging, yoga,dance class during day.

8)Always sleep  on your back so that your face is not compressed by anything.If it is not suited, then cover in silk. Silk has the amazing quality to keep us cool when it’s warm;and make us feel warm when it’s cold outside.

9)Avoid snacking before bedtime,specially  grains and sugars,as they raise blood sugar level and keep your digestive system active,preventive you from falling asleep with ease

10)Avoid mystery,suspense,horror movie/novel before you go to bed, and try to sleep in darkness.

Courtesy: Times of India
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