10 Tips to avoid fattiness

1)Do not take water after 30 minute of your lunch/dinner.

2)Eat lot green vegetables,and less rice and bread/chapati.

3)Drink warm water with lemon/honey daily on early wakeup.

4)Drink at least 20 glass of water daily.

         -water will remove toxic element from your body.

         -water boost body metabolism .

         -By drinking water, calorie get burned and body fat reduced.

5)Take high fiber foods like corn,white beans,black beans,kidney beans,garbanzo beans,avocado.

6)Do not go to sleep immediate after dinner,it will accumulate fats and also cause stomach inflammation,indigestion.

7)Do regular exercise.,like jogging,running.

8)Do not sit for long time on chair.

9)Take breakfast,lunch and dinner on time.

10)Avoid chocolates,ice-creams,sweets,potato chips and other foods which contain excess fat/oil/sugar.

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