10 Tips to avoid overeating

1)Avoid Binge eating:-“Nothing will happen, If I take only one samosa/cachori/pastry/biscuit”. This mentality should be avoided, even single biscuit contain 50 calorie.Also avoid binge eating.

2)Eat food with concentration:- Do not eat food , while watching  T.V./reading/talking on mobile.Because it distract, and unknowingly eat much food. Many peoples have habit of eating while watching movies in cinema, reading book, or while working on computer.Avoid it. This type of eating known as mindless eating.

3)Balance your calorie:-Extra calorie will convert in to fat and accumulate on different organs of body,and increase your weight.So take only needed calorie.

4)Avoid stress eating:- Sometime, people eat more, specially snack like potato chips, burger or bakery items, when they are in stress.Avoid it, because in stress condition, body will get extra calorie and energy, but it affect negatively.

5)Chewing food properly:-Research show that , those women, who chewing food properly,will use 70% less calorie in use compare to other women. Proper chewing of food not only  create hormone,which is good for digestion but also body gets only sufficient food as intake.

6)Remove Packed,frozen,canned food from your kitchen:-Remove Packed,frozen,canned food from your kitchen, and keep healthy food instead.

7)Take Soup before lunch:- Drinking soup will lessen and satiate the  hunger.

8)Use small utensil in kitchen:-If you take big plates for your food, then chances are, that you eat more, so take small plates while taking food and also take small utensil in your kitchen.Small size of utensil also mentally assist you to avoid overeating.

9)Be calm before taking lunch and dinner:-Take deep breath and be calm while eating, which will remove stress and help in less overeating.

10)Take more fiber food:- Take fiber food like Beans,Fruits and vegetables,Whole grains( wheat, quinoa, brown rice, oats, bran),this are not only good for health but also easily digestible.
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