10 Tips to Dress Up Beneficially

1.Wear clothing that’s flattering for your figure.

2.Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive to look good.

3.Dress suitably for the occasion(business attire for work is a must).

4.Do step outside of your fashion comfort zone sometimes.For instance,if you always dress in jeans and t-shirts,put on a well-tailored suit and see how it makes you feel.

5.Only wear clothing that makes you feel good.

6.Don’t be afraid to show your personality by using color,unique clothing cuts or accessories.

7.Get rid of clothes that you associate negative things with(such as the sweatshirt you wore for month after you divorce).

8.Adopting the Golden Wardrobe Ratio: Get rid of 2 out of 3 items you own,including anything too big/small,ripped/torn or outdated.

9.Consider the image you want to project in given situation(at work,on the town) and choose outfits based on cues from those around you.

10.Gearing your outfits toward your goals(like getting a promotion,meeting a significant other,traveling  the world),rather than a specific age.

Courtesy:”You Are What You Wear” by Dr.Baumgartner

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