10 Tips to reduce Flab

1)Plan diet with dietician.Make sure that the diet is high on protein and very less on carbohydrates.

2)Follow the diet right away.

3)Jogging is one of the best way to get rid of all flab.Do Jogging for at least  30 minutes on a daily basis.Stuck to your routine.

4)Reduce the intake of  chocolates, candies,ice cream and sweets.

5)Includes a lot of fruits in diet. Citrus fruits will bring back the glow of your skin.

6)Body works to eliminate toxins when you sleep. So, sleep for seven to eight hours every day.

7)Drink plenty of water daily.Drink at least 15-16 glasses of water every day.

8)Count your calories.

9)Meditate for at least 10-15 minutes  every day.This rejuvenates the body.

10)Do not be lazy and skip your workout.

Ref: Shilpi Guha (INDORE TIMES)

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