4 exercise mistakes you must avoid

1)You never take break from your exercise schedule:- This is wrong. Everything need break. If you do not take break from your exercise schedule then it will affect your muscles. In young age, muscle fiber needs 18 hours to heal or repair and in old age, it will take 40 hours, and if you do not give rest  to your muscles then it may affect immunity, sleep and also swelling may produced.

2) You focus only on cardio:-This is also wrong. I ask you a question, do you only take vegetables for your lunch and dinner or you also take bread, rice, dal also.So apart from cardio, weight training is also must for strengthening bones and muscles. Less muscle means, less calorie will burn. And also after 30 years of age, if  you do not take weight training, then you will be able to reduced only few pounds of weight with lot of time. Weight training also balance your body mass. So your exercise schedule will have balance  element like cardio, weight training, yoga, etc.

3)You don’t  pay attention to  your posture:-Many time, while doing exercise, you did not notice your posture, but you should seriously pay attention to posture, otherwise it may distort spinal column, and your body become gradually bending forward.


4)You do not warm up or stretch before exercise:-If you do exercise without any warm up then  your body will get more pressure, so first do warm up and stretching and then start doing your regular exercise.

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