5 Advantages of Tomato

(1) Tomato reduces the danger of ischemic stroke.

(2) Tomato reduces inflammation,cholesterol.

(3)Tomato improves immune systems.

(4)Tomato contains lycopene which attack and destroy the harmful free radical cells.

(5) Tomato also contains carotenoids, which is a powerful anti oxidant. And it also destroy harmful free radical cells.

We should consume 10000 microgram lycopene daily.Here are the list of food which contain maximum lycopene

Lycopene(Miligram)                                        Food

37122                                                                  1 Cup canned tomato souse

21960                                                                  1 Cup canned tomato juice

12962                                                                  1 piece of watermelon

2506                                                                    1 table spoon tomato ketchup

1745                                                                    1/2 orange

1682                                                                    1 table spoon salsa souse

515                                                                      1 slice of tomato

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