5 Detox Foods

1) Orange:- It is a anti-oxidant,contains lot of vitamin C. It  increases the quantity of  glutathione, which helps in liver detoxification.

2) Eggs:-  It has  plenty of cysteine. Cysteine is an amino acid, which helps in breakdown of Acetaldehyde. By converting Acetaldehyde in to water and Carbon dioxide,  cysteine extract toxic elements from body.Eggs also used to cure hangover.

3)Sweet Potato:- It contains Vitamin B and folate, which helps to improve metabolism, body cells work and normal digestion.

4) Lemon Water:-  It has Vitamin C and limonoids, which activate detoxify enzymes.

5)Wheat Grass:-  Its powder contains vitamins, minerals, fibers, amino acids,enzymes,and protein, which help body’s immune system and control the digestion. It also contains chlorophyll elements, which are extremely alkaline in nature and they  balance pH, purify blood and excrete toxic elements from body.

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