5 Reasons to avoid eating Instant Noodles

1) It contains Processed Material like Maida flour and have only calorie.

2)During making noodles, it deeply fried with oil , which contains trans fat,and  increases your weight.

3)Instant noodles contain wax coating which is also used in Styrofoam containers.That is why instant noodles don’t stick to each other when cooking . However, regular consumptions make it hard for our livers to clear the toxic.

4)Propylene glycol is mixed in noodles to keep moist. But Propylene glycol is readily absorbed and it accumulates in the heart, liver and kidneys causing abnormalities and damage. This chemical is also capable of weakening the immune system.

5)Noodles contains excessive Sodium. High sodium consumption is linked to diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke and kidney damage and other health problems.

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