5 Tips to avoid Chronic Back Pain

1) Keep Moving even in mild flu:- Don’t sit ideally for long time,  keep moving , do some physical work .

2)Do regular Yogasan :-  Do regular Yogasan for back like Ardh Shalabhasan, Shalabhasan, Saral Dhanurasan, Dhanurasan, Sarpasan.

3)Try to sit straight as much as you can:- While sitting , try to sit straight, otherwise bending will leads backache.

4)Lift heavy weight with cautious:- While lifting heavy weight like gas cylinder, keep your back  bend but   straight and lift it with cautiously and lift the weight threw arms and thigh, rather than back.

5)Wear Lumber Belt /Back  support Belt:- You can wear Lumber belt or Back support Belt to give support to back. As the age grows, Belly increases so back loosen its support from stomach.So Belt will compensate that gap.

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