6 foods to improve eyesight

Following foods can be taken with regularly:-

1)Green Vegetables:- Eat green vegetables.

2)Vitamin rich food:- Eat food which contains vitamin A,C,E. This vitamin contains beta carotene which is good for eye sight.

3)Onion:- Onion contain lot of sulfur, which produces antioxidant in eyes.

4)Eat food with  Selenium:-Selenium help in recovery of cataract.Seeds (Sunflower),Whole-Wheat Bread,Chicken,Mushrooms (Crimini) contains selenium.

5)Soya milk:- Soya milk contains low fat and high protein. And it also contains vitamin A,C,E and fatty acid.

6)Fruits:- Mango,papaya contains lot  of carotene and helps in removing dark black spot below the eyes.

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