6 foods which reduces stress

1) Dark Chocolate:-
          -Give relaxation to mind.
           -Improve skin
           -20 gm chocolate contain 150 calorie.
            -Make us slim.
          -Make you happy.(It contain Serotonin).
           -contain adequate carbohydrate.
             -1 Cup yogurt contain 450 ml of calcium,which make bones stronger.
              -1 Cup Yogurt reduce stress,if it takes with water,sugar,rose water.
4)Green Tea:
              -Improves metabolism.
              -Prevents skin from sunrays.
              -Give relax to mind and body.
             -It through away anger.
             -It give relaxation to blood vessels.
             -Improves blood circulation.
            -It make skin glow and beautiful.
            -It reduces the growing speed of wrinkles.
              -It contain potassium,which balance blood pressure.
              -It releases stress very easily.
              -It through away tension and depression,it it take with Yogurt.

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