6 Tips for healthy Grocery Shopping

1)Never go for shopping, when you are hungry.

2)Shop with  friend,family member , relative or neighbour, who is  health-conscious.

3)During shopping, fill your basket with fresh and healthy foods.

4)Make a habit to read and understand  labels on food items. Many food items show ‘low-fat’ on label, but may contain high sugar or salt.

   The ideal quantity should be :-

For Sugar:- 5 gm or less per 100 gm.

For Salt:-   0.3 gm or less per 100 gm.

For Fat:- 5 gm or less per 100 gm.

5)When buying any food items(particularly packaged ), check expiry dates, examine the packing for any tear, dents, puffiness etc.

6)During billing, avoid to buy snacks, chocolates, chips which is placed and displayed near the bill counter.

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