6 Tips to make bone stronger

1) Take milk regularly . 250 ml milk contain 300 mg calcium. And after 50 years of age, man need 1000 mg and women need 1200 mg  calcium daily to make bone stronger.

2)Yogurt also compensate milk, so you can also take yogurt.

3)Green vegetables  also contain lot calcium. Shalgam contains 200 mg of calcium.

4)Half cup tofu contains 400 mg calcium. One cup soya milk contain 300 mg of calcium. Soya and tofu should eat regularly.

5)Nuts and Seeds also make bone stronger.Walnut contain omega 3 fatty acid , which is good for health. Almonds contain lot of potassium, which prevent the outflow of calcium through urine. Nuts contains protein and other nutritious elements which make bone stronger.

6)Take salt intake minimum, because it does the opposite of almonds, it maximize the  outflow of  calcium through urine.

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