8 advantages of sugarcane juice

( 1 )Sugarcane juice have a natural sugar, which increases glucose in body, and fulfill the requirement of water deficiency  and dehydration.

( 2 )Sugarcane juice contains calcium, magnesium, potassium,and iron , which maintain alkalinity in body. It also good for prevention from breast cancer and prostate cancer.

( 3 )Sugarcane juice have protein. If you drink sugarcane juice with lemon and coconut water, then it will give you relief from problem such as kidney infection, urine infection, indigestion, stone.

( 4 )Sugarcane juice contain antioxidant , which increases resistance power of body and also help to cure diseases like liver infection and jaundice.

( 5 )Sugarcane juice have lot of minerals, which remove bed breath  of mouth, also prevent tooth decay.

( 6 )Sugarcane juice help to remove white spot from nail and keep it healthy and shining.

( 7  )Sugarcane juice is also helpful for your skin, and it balance blood flow of body.

( 8 )Sugarcane juice is also good in disease like febrile disorder(which arise due to lack of protein).

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