8 Exercises which you can do in Home

1)Jump Rope or Skipping Rope :It’s a good cardio exercise.

2)Staircase slow running:If you have a staircase in home, then do slow but constant running on staircase for at least 20 minutes,it is also a good cardio exercise.

3)Push-Up’s first position:Just keep maintain your body in push-up first position for few seconds and try to increase time gradually.

4)Dance: Dance is a complete exercise itself.Whether it is classical dance or western dance, it burn lot calorie of our body.

5)Cleaning:  Cleaning your home is also a good form of exercise.

6)High Knees:If you like running, but for some reason not running, then try to touch your head or nose to your knees. It improve heart pumping.

7)Jumping Jack: Do Jumping, it is also a good cardio workout.

8)You-tube workout:You can also do workout at home by watching on you tube, if you  do not get any idea or if you not able to properly perform above mentioned exercise.

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