8 Tips to avoid long Sitting

Draw backs of long  sitting:

1.90% drop in enzymes that helps in fat break down.

2.20% drop in good cholesterol after 2 hours of reclining in chair.

3.24% drop in insulin effectiveness after sitting for 24 hours.

4.54% people more likely to die of a heart attack,who sit for most of  the day.

5.As soon as you sit, the electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off,calorie burning slows.

So here are 8 Tips, to avoid long sitting.

1.Stand whenever you can.

2.Talk  while you walk.

3.Make walking dates.

4.Drink enough water,which increases BMR and reduces obesity.

5.Walk as much as you can,which burns lot of calories.

6.Avoid revolving or reclining chair.

7.Sitting at a 135 degree angle puts less strain on your back then leaning forward.

8.Avoid sitting for longer duration,stand after every 20 minutes for 1-2 minutes,which increase BMR.

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