8 Tips to look young

(1)Do Brisk walk for at least 25-30 minutes 4-5 days in a week. Also do aerobics, which balance blood pressure and reduce blood cloting.
(2) Use Moisturizer for skin.
(3)Eat Soya and Tofoo, which contain Isoflavones.
-Isoflavones contain Collagen, and it is good for skin and body structure.
(4)Eat Cocoa, which has following advantages:
-Cocoa contain epicatechin,which improve skin texture,improve blood flow and increase nutrient and oxygen supply.
(5)Eat tomato ,grape, carrot, red chilli, watermelon. This stuff contain Lycopene, which make skin soft and prevent from sunburn.
(6)Eat fruits, which prevent skin from free radicals, dust and pollutions.
(7)Try to take turmeric, green tea, dark chocolate, which contains anti aging elements.
(8)Maintenance of teeth and eyes also improves looks of face.

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