9 food combination for good health

g and dysentery.

2)Green Tea with lemon:- This combination is good for heart’s  health .

3)Apricot with almond:-Apricot contain vitamin E  and C, if it mix with almond then it is used to reduced the quantity of cholesterol.

4)Broccoli with tomato:-This combination is good against cancer.

5)Garlic with onion:- It is good for physical health.

6)Avocado with green salad:-It is good for skin. This combination prevents skin from harmful rays.

7)Ginger with lemon:- Put one piece of ginger in lemon juice and mix it with salt. Eating this  will ease your digestion and you get power and strength.

8)spinach plant with lemon:- Spinach plant contain lot of iron, and if it is mix with lemon,  then it make easy to absorption of iron in body.

9)Olive oil with Tomato:- Tomato contains lycopene and carotenoids, which has soluble antioxidant. If it is mix with olive oil, then eating this, will  help against cholesterol, blood pressure and cancer.

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