9 Vegetables for Summer Season

1) Cucumber(Kheera):-It contain lot water and less calorie.

2) Coriander:-It help to remove kidney related problems. It is also good for stomach, and reduces the weight.

3) Eggplant/garden egg/aubergine/melongene:-It fulfill the water requirement of our body.

4) Mushroom:-It contain lot of fiber and sodium, and also it is tasty.

5) Beetroot:-It remove blood deficiency in our body.

6) Broccoli:-It is super food and contain lot of fiber.

7) Onion:-It is antioxidant. It has anti allergic and anti bacterial properties.It is very good for summer season.

8) Calabash/Bottle guard/long melon:-It contain mostly water. It is good for acidity, stomach problems.It prevent you from    dehydration and remove sodium deficiency in body.

9) Momordica charantia/bitter gourd/bitter melon/bitter squash:-It is good for High blood pressure, diabetes. It also remove    pimples and fungus infection of skin.

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