Advantage of Eating Dark Chocolate(Made of pure Cocoa bean)

-It helps to decrease the quantity of Oxidized LDL  or “bad” cholesterol.

-It contains anti oxidants, which slow the aging sign on skin.

-It also helps to prevent from side effects of harmful rays from sun.

-It also contains organic compounds like Flavonols and polyphenols, which act as anti oxidants.

-It keeps skin moist and flexi, so  even now a days, spa is using chocolate massage.

-It has full of minerals like iron, magnesium, copper,potassium, phosphorous and zinc.

-It also contains fiber.

-It prevents High B.P. And also keep blood flow normal.

-It contain theobromine, which reduces the chances of teeth cavity. Theobromine is also good against cough.

-It keeps the good pace of blood circulation up to the brain.

-It gives  lot energy. It is good replacement of food. Many times army uses this as a food.The Hershey Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania, made more than 40 million special chocolate bars for the military during the second  world war.

-It create positive mood.

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