Choco Almond Milk

Input:  5-10 Almonds

               4 Spoon Sugar

               4 Spoon Bournvita/Complan/Horlicks(Bournvita  is more tasty but Horlicks have better nutritional contents, as told to me by chemist and pharma guys.)

               500 ml Milk
Processing:-       Drench Almonds in water for at least 10-12 hours.

                               Grind the Almonds.(Don’t throw water, gulp it,it is also nutritional)

                               Boil the Milk

                              Add sugar, Bournvita and Almonds paste  in milk.

Output:             3 small or    1 Big size of Glass of  Choco Almond Milk
Advantage:-    It will give you calcium, power, strength and stamina.

Recommended for:- Highly Recommended for children.

Intake Time:-                Early Morning or between 4-7 PM.(Don’t take between 12-4 PM).

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