What should/shouldn’t eaten in Rainy Season

1)Food which should be taken in Rainy Season is:

                     ( I ) Hot Soup:-It will not only save you from cold and flu but also provides you moisture.

                     ( ii )Herbal Tea:- It is good for digestive system.Also prevent from Influenza.

                     ( iii)Boiled Water:- Whether the water source in your home is Municipal Corporation, boring water, or other, you should drink boiled water in rainy season, because water may contain muddy material and many times it appear yellowish.

2)Food which should not be eaten in Rainy Season is :-

                     (I )Liquid Things like Juice:- It may contain bacterial infections.

                     ( ii )Sea food:-Avoid sea food in rainy season, because this is the breeding season of Sea  animals.

                    ( iii ) Salad:- Avoid Salad in rainy season, otherwise it may cause to infectious diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid .

                    ( iv ) Avoid Eating outside:- Avoid eating outside in restaurant, hotels and at local Panipuriwala/Golgappawala, chaat shopt.

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