Workout- Tips

-Dont eat food or drink water before workout.
-Do warm up and stretching before workout.
-Make your schedule  and stick to it.
-When you lift the weight , muscle first compressed and then expanded. And muscle need atleast 48 hours break. So dont repeat any exercise  within 2 days.
-Never do exercise after immediate  wake up, because that time muscle is in rest state.
-Wear langot or supporter while doing exercise.
-Do abdomen exercise before or after workout.
-Remember, Gym have three elements:
   1) Rod and Plates, which increase your muscles.
   ii) Dumbbells are for getting cutting in muscles.
  III) Machine are for making finishing in muscles.
                  – So use above elements according to your requirement, whether you are doing exercise for fitness/bodybuilding/power lifting/weight lifting  or for Mixed Martial Arts.

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