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Watermelon Juice

Cut Watermelon in to pieces. Place the Watermelon in to mixer. Add 4-5 spoons sugar. Add 1/5(Half ) spoon salt. Add 1 spoon lime syrup. Run the mixer. Add 1 glass of Water. Its done.Enjoy the delicious and nutritious juice.

Fruit Custard

Take Half Litre  Milk.(Quantity can be varies ) Add 2 Spoon of Custord Powder. Add 4 Spoon of Sugar. Boil the milk , and do remember to stirr it continuously. After milk is completely boiled, keep it untill it become cold. Add the pieces of fruit of your choice like Banana, Apple, Grapes, pineapple. Add small pieces of Almond, Cashew Nuts.(Its opitonal, you can skip this step) Its done.Enjoy the delicious and nutritious dish

5 Advantages of Tomato

(1) Tomato reduces the danger of ischemic stroke. (2) Tomato reduces inflammation,cholesterol. (3)Tomato improves immune systems. (4)Tomato contains lycopene which attack and destroy the harmful free radical cells. (5) Tomato also contains carotenoids, which is a powerful anti oxidant. And it also destroy harmful free radical cells. We should consume 10000 microgram lycopene daily.Here are the list of food which contain maximum lycopene Lycopene(Miligram)                                        Food 37122                                                                  1 Cup canned tomato souse 21960                                                                  1 Cup canned tomato juice 12962                                                                  1 piece […]

4 Complete Protein food you shouldn’t avoided

Proteins are made of amino acids.There are 20 amino acids.Amino Acid is of three types:(1)Essential Amino Acids(2) Non Essential Amino Acids(3) Conditional Amino AcidsEssential amino acids are vital to us and contain 9 amino acids.There are only 4 foods which contain this 9 essential amino acids, which are:(1)Eggs(2)Milk(3) Soya(4) FishSo you should take this food regularly in your diet.

Healthy Breakfast for Morning

Milk  with sugar and Bournvita Almonds Protein Biscuits Apple Brown Bread with Butter

10 Super foods

1.PAPAYA 2.Flax Seeds(Alsi) 3.Holy Basil(Tulsi) 4.Orange 5.Apple 6.Beetroot 7.Acai Berry 8.Sweet Potato 9.Green Vegetables 10.Chenopodium Greens(Bathua)   Also known as Cheel bhaji,  lamb’s-quarter, Paruppu Keerai

6 Advantages of Guava

1)It increases fertility in women. 2)It contain 4 time more Vitamin ‘C’ then orange.Vitamin ‘C’ increases body’s immune system, which help to fight against Cancer. 3)Guava contain Potassium,which balance blood pressure and reduces the level of cholesterol. 4)Guava reduces the sugar level in blood.Also help to digest sugar and  increase insulin. 5)Guava contains Iodine,which give relief  in Thyroid problem, and balance Hormones. 6)Guava contains Niacin and Pyridoxine,which increases blood flow and also good for brain.

13 benefits of Apple/Green Apple

Green Apple BenefitsSome of the primary health benefits of green apple are:1)Contains a lot of fiber, which is good for digestion.2)The chances of colon cancer are less if one eats green apple. 3)Relieves constipation.4)Beneficial in treating skin disease.5)Useful in controlling diarrhea.6)Reduces blood pressure.7)Blood sugar gets stabilized.8)It helps in preventing liver problems.9)It balance cholesterol  level.10)It purifies the blood as it contains a lot of minerals. Apple Benefits11)It contain pectin, calcium, iron, magnesium,  Iron, Potassium,  protein, so it is a good source […]

7 Advantages of Honey

1) Honey improve  immune system Honey contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria and boost the immune system. Cold and flu symptoms, such as coughs, sore throats,  are also kept at bay when treated with honey.To improve your immune system, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to warm water daily. 2) Honey helps to  lose weight Drink warm water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach. It clean the liver, remove toxins, and flush fat from […]

9 Vegetables for Summer Season

1) Cucumber(Kheera):-It contain lot water and less calorie. 2) Coriander:-It help to remove kidney related problems. It is also good for stomach, and reduces the weight. 3) Eggplant/garden egg/aubergine/melongene:-It fulfill the water requirement of our body. 4) Mushroom:-It contain lot of fiber and sodium, and also it is tasty. 5) Beetroot:-It remove blood deficiency in our body. 6) Broccoli:-It is super food and contain lot of fiber. 7) Onion:-It is antioxidant. It has anti allergic and anti bacterial properties.It is […]