Category : Favorite Movies

Favorite Movies-VIII

Argo Contraband Django Unchained Tai Chi Zero/Hero Shaolin Soccer TYG 2 jack reacher Red Dawn Lone Survivor Non-Stop 300: Rise of an Empire Captain America:The Winter Soldier Brick Mansions Godzilla X-Men: Days of Future Past Maleficent Edge of Tomorrow Fast & Furious6 Captain Phillips Hercules Guardians of the Galaxy The Expendables 3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Olympus Has Fallen Exodus: Gods and Kings Taken 3 Kingsman:The Secret Service Fast and Furious 7 Mad Max: Fury Road Jurassic World The Walk […]

3 Favourite Hollywood Movie Producers

Joel Silver Jerry Bruckheimer Arnold Kopelson

13 Favourite Directors

James Cameron Michael Bay Ridley Scott George Lucas Steven Spielberg Quentin Tarantino John Woo Sam Mendes Guy Ritchie Roland Emmerich Isaac Florentine Simon West Antoine Fuqua

Favorite Movies-VII

The art of War II:Betrayal Elephant White Spy Game The Condemned Torque Stealth Colombiana Bad Company The Gods Must be Crazy Street Fighter DOA:Dead or Alive Safe House Vantage Point Reign of Fire Red Cradle 2 the Grave Green Zone Knight and Day This Means WarElite Squad Shaolin Mantis Kung Fu Chefs So Close Gen-X Cops The Rebel Domino The Rundown(Also known as Welcome to the Jungle) Race to Witch Mountain The 6th Day Flash Point The Raid :Redemption The […]

Favorite Movies-VI

The Rocketeer Small Soldiers The Bodyguard The Young Master BulletproofMonk Stealth Raging Phoenix Meltdown Safe Half Past Dead Second in Command Final Descent Body of Lies My Lucky Stars Tom Yum Goong/The Protector Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation The Punisher:War Zone Let the Bullets fly Tactical Force Rocky IV Batman Begins Batman:The Dark Knight Robin Hood Turistas The Eagle 12 Rounds The Punisher:War Zone Let the Bullets fly Tactical Force Rocky IV Batman Begins Batman:The Dark Knight Robin Hood Turistas The Eagle […]

Favorite Movies-V

Wanted Shoot ‘Em Up Six Days Seven Nights Hostage Drunken Master Blood and Bone The Hunt for Red October Bird on a wire 10,000B.C. Godzilla Kill Bill I,II The Last Castle Big Stan The Hot Chick Showdown in Little Tokyo Rebirth Paul Blart:Mall Cop Three Kings

Favorite Movies-IV

Armored Agent Cody Blanks I,II The Good, The Bad , The Ugly Five Man Army The Great Train Robbery Return of the Dragon Snake on a Plane Hitman Bridge on the River Kwai once upon a Time in Mexico The Scorpion King Home Alone I,II The Touch The Medallion The Hard Corps The Contractor Thick as Thieves/The Code The Package (1989 film) After the Sunset

Favoirte Movies-III

from paris with love residential evil I,II,III Sahara AirForce One Clear and Present Danger Jumanji Good Morning Vietnam Platoon Tropic Thunder Zoolender Dances with Wolves JFK Robinhood(Princes of Thieves) Back to School Polic Story I,II,III Who Am I Snake in the Eagle Shadow Project A Around the world in 80 Days WaterWorld Sabotage The Raid 2 Escape Plan

Favorite Movies-II

Warrior Ocean’s Eleven Ocean’s Twelve Ocean’s Thirteen Pirates of Caribbean I,II Tango and Cash Saving Private Ryan The Untouchables Willow Navy Seal Sniper I,II GhostBuster I,II Honey,I shrunk the kids The Mummy The Mummy Returns The Great Escape Death Race Cliffhanger U.S.Marshals U-571 The Mask Pearl Harbor Windtalkers Redcliff Troy

Favorite Movies-I

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Arc Die Hard I,II,III The Expandable I,II Mission Impossible I,II,III,IV The Peacemaker Blade I,II James Bond (ALL) FaceOff Broken Arrow Where Eagles Dare Armour Of God I,II Rumble in the Bronx Rush Hour I,II,III The Transporter I,II Enter the Dragon Under Siege I,II Above the Law Marked for Death Hard Target BloodSport Ninja The Undisputable Passenger 57 Rambo I,II,III,IV […]