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8 Tips to look young

(1)Do Brisk walk for at least 25-30 minutes 4-5 days in a week. Also do aerobics, which balance blood pressure and reduce blood cloting.(2) Use Moisturizer for skin.(3)Eat Soya and Tofoo, which contain Isoflavones.-Isoflavones contain Collagen, and it is good for skin and body structure.(4)Eat Cocoa, which has following advantages:-Cocoa contain epicatechin,which improve skin texture,improve blood flow and increase nutrient and oxygen supply.(5)Eat tomato ,grape, carrot, red chilli, watermelon. This stuff contain Lycopene, which make skin soft and prevent from […]

10 Tips to look Young even at old age

1.Exercise in water 2.Reduce your depression. 3.Change your dieting habits 4.Do Yoga and other Muscular activities. 5.Be good to your bones 6.Eat a high fiber diet. 7.Reduce your fat intake. 8.Improve your sleep. 9.Keep your brain active by meditation. 10.Take fresh air/water /fruits. The above 10 point will increase the length of Telemeir.Telemeir control our age.Small Telmeir produce lot of disease like Cancer,Heart Disease and Dementia.Telemeir also balance Genetic code and prevent from wear and tear of Chromosome.

10 Tips to Dress Up Beneficially

1.Wear clothing that’s flattering for your figure. 2.Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive to look good. 3.Dress suitably for the occasion(business attire for work is a must). 4.Do step outside of your fashion comfort zone sometimes.For instance,if you always dress in jeans and t-shirts,put on a well-tailored suit and see how it makes you feel. 5.Only wear clothing that makes you feel good. 6.Don’t be afraid to show your personality by using color,unique clothing cuts or accessories. 7.Get rid of […]