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Some of main symptoms of computer eye strain are: Burning sensation in eyesTired or red eyesDry eyesWatery eyesBlurred visionHeadaches Some Tips: Have your eyes testedUse spectacles with anti-glare screenUse adequate lightingAvoid looking at the screen for a long timeBlink periodicallyDo some eyes exercises such as rotating eyes, closing them with hands etc at regular intervals INSTALL SAFEEYES ON DESKTOP.

5 Advantages of Walnuts

1)Walnut contains neuro-protective compounds that includes folate, vitamin E,melatonin,antioxidants and omega-3 fat. Studies have show that walnuts consumption may help support brain health. 2)Walnut may help reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. 3)Walnuts are loaded with antioxidants and B-Vitamin that helps prevent our skin from free radical damage, prevents wrinkles and signs of ageing. 4)The beneficial dietary fat in walnuts has been shown to improve metabolic parameters in people with type 2 diabetes. Overweight adults with type 2 […]

10 Tips for Healthylifestyle

1.Take Full sleep. 2.Proper sitting position in Office. 3.Daily walking of 2-3 Km.Or do exercise daily. 4.Take breakfast and lunch on proper time. 5.Give respect to partner’s feeling. 6.Do weight control. 7.Give up smoking. 8.Avoid excess intake of salt,fats,cholesterol. 9.Do medical check up for at least once in a year. 10.Try to take maximum intake of fresh water/air/fruits.

6 foods which reduces stress

1) Dark Chocolate:-           -Give relaxation to mind.            -Improve skin            -20 gm chocolate contain 150 calorie. 2)Oatmeal:-             -Make us slim.           -Make you happy.(It contain Serotonin).            -contain adequate carbohydrate. 3)Yogurt:-              -1 Cup yogurt contain 450 ml of calcium,which make bones stronger.               -1 Cup Yogurt reduce stress,if it takes with water,sugar,rose water. 4)Green Tea:               -Improves metabolism.               -Prevents skin from sunrays.               -Give relax to mind and body. 5)Walnut:-              -It through away anger. […]

Calcium Intake and exercises for bone Maintenance

-Take 1000 mg calcium per day.Also take 600 IU Vitamin D for absorbing the calcium per day. -Never take more than 2500 mg calcium in a day,because excessive intake of calcium will leads to Kidney stone. -Bones gets develops fully up to 20-30 years , so after 30 years of age,all we have to do is to maintain the health of our  bones. -After 40 years of age,rate of deterioration of bones and muscles increases, and fats accumulated in muscles. […]

6 Tips to get rid of food poison

1)Drink lot water. 2)Avoid dairy products and coffee for some time. 3)Take energy drink and light food, like rice,banana,toast. 4)Take probiotics food. 5)Take proper rest. 6)Avoid very hot,spicy,fried ,fatty food,for quite some time. If still you will not feel comfortable, then you should consult to Doctor.

10 Tips to avoid fattiness

1)Do not take water after 30 minute of your lunch/dinner. 2)Eat lot green vegetables,and less rice and bread/chapati. 3)Drink warm water with lemon/honey daily on early wakeup. 4)Drink at least 20 glass of water daily.          -water will remove toxic element from your body.          -water boost body metabolism .          -By drinking water, calorie get burned and body fat reduced. 5)Take high fiber foods like corn,white beans,black beans,kidney beans,garbanzo beans,avocado. 6)Do not go to sleep immediate after dinner,it will […]

4 Tips to Run properly

1)Do warm up  and then stretching before running.It will prevent muscle from swelling. 2)Do not wear wrong shoes.Runner should change his/her shoes after every 200 KM.Because this distance wear shoe cushions.And it may cause ankle tendonitis. 3)Run  at beginning slowly then gradually increase speed, otherwise it may lead to shin splints. 4)Drink  plenty of water not only in summer season but also in winter season.Because water prevent joints and muscles from tear and wear and also maintain their smoothness and […]

10 Tips to avoid knee pain in winter

1)Take healthy food .And also take preventive measure to avoid cold. 2)Take rest, avoid long walking 3)Do yoga and meditation daily. 4)Wear footwear of your exact size and fitting. 5)Do not carry heavy weight. 6)Use western Toilet. 7)Eat diet like milk,egg which contain maximum calcium. 8)Take sound sleep. 9)Use hard surface for sleep. 10)Avoid palthi posture sitting(leg bending sitting).