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10 Tips for beauty sleep

1) One needs to have  timely sleep schedule. Preferably from 10 pm to 6 am. 2)Oversleeping on weekends cannot compensate for lack of sleep on weekdays. It won’t reverse the damage,nor will afternoon naps. 3)Keep your mind clutter-free.All of life’s important decision and analysis can wait till the next morning.Jot down all important tasks for the next day in your diary or on a piece of paper, to keep your mind at ease. 4)You should have gadget cut-off time. Switch […]

8 Exercises which you can do in Home

1)Jump Rope or Skipping Rope :It’s a good cardio exercise. 2)Staircase slow running:If you have a staircase in home, then do slow but constant running on staircase for at least 20 minutes,it is also a good cardio exercise. 3)Push-Up’s first position:Just keep maintain your body in push-up first position for few seconds and try to increase time gradually. 4)Dance: Dance is a complete exercise itself.Whether it is classical dance or western dance, it burn lot calorie of our body. 5)Cleaning:  […]

6 Mood Food

Calm:- Brown rice, whole-grain rye bread, sweet potato, wheat crackers, bagel, backed potato, rice and pasta are stress relievers. Smart:- Eggs, milk, prunes and oatmeal are perfect memory and concentration enhancers. Alert:-Apples, grape juice, avocados,broccoli and the smell of lemons can induce the feeling of alertness. Energized:- Oranges,apples,soy milk, yogurt,sunflower seeds and tuna can supply a steady source of fuel for your body. Happy:- Salmon, bananas and chicken livers can kick your blues away. Sexy:-  Nuts and chocolate can  rev […]

6 Tips to make your neck beautiful

1)Brush your neck with some good brush.And then apply moisturizer ,and also you can wash your neck with cleansing milk before sleep. 2)Do not wear artificial jewellery. 3)Take Buchanania lanzan(chironji) and mix it with milk at night and next morning apply this pest on your whole neck. It will remove blackishness of your neck. 4)Take banana, grind it  and mix it with milk and apply this pest on your whole neck. After some time wash your neck with mineral water.  […]

Breathing-Do’s and Don’ts

-Take deep and slow breath. -As your age grows, breath run automatically fast,so proper oxygen can not reach to your body cell,and which makes your immune system weak.So always try to take breath slow and deep. -Proper breathing techniques  reduces tension and balance blood pressure, cholesterol and acid level of your body. -Try to take breath by right nose and then left nose respectively. This process supply more oxygen to your brain. -Always clean your palm by soap. -Install grid […]

5 Skin care Tips

here are five types of skin:  normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. -Apply cleansing,  toning and moisturizer  daily before sleep at night. -Take as much as possible, vegetables,fresh fruits  and water. -Avoid as much as possible oily foods. -Take regularly coconut water. -Apply ubtan(mixture of gramflout(besan/garbanzo bean flour/chickpea flour)/water,and milk or yogurt) on your face.

7 Tips to do work out at your work place

1) Take stairs instead of taking elevator. 2) Do Neck rotation(look side to side) ,whenever you get few second free time. 3) Do shoulder shrugs. 4) While sitting on chair, try to do following exercise :                     -rotate your ankles, clockwise and anti clockwise.                     – clasp hands behind your head, bend it to one side  and try to touch the elbow to the arm rest.Repeat the process for other side.                     -twist the trunk to one side, hold the […]

6 Tips to make bone stronger

1) Take milk regularly . 250 ml milk contain 300 mg calcium. And after 50 years of age, man need 1000 mg and women need 1200 mg  calcium daily to make bone stronger. 2)Yogurt also compensate milk, so you can also take yogurt. 3)Green vegetables  also contain lot calcium. Shalgam contains 200 mg of calcium. 4)Half cup tofu contains 400 mg calcium. One cup soya milk contain 300 mg of calcium. Soya and tofu should eat regularly. 5)Nuts and Seeds […]

How to achieve lean and toned body

1) Workouts -Pilates -Weight training with high repetitions and less resistance. -Yoga -Pre and post workout stretches to prevent injury. -Cardio to burn calorie and fat 2)Diet -Healthy unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables and  whole grains like brown rice. -Avoid meat, full dairy product which contain high amount of saturated fatty acids. -Fats should be consumed in the form of nuts and avocados. -Don’s starve yourself. -Avoid instant sugar and reduce salt intake. -Drink lot water. Take coconut water or lemon […]

4 food habits which makes you fit and healthy

1)Control the intake of Carbohydrate:- Take whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat product, nuts, seeds which contain low glycogen index. Your diet contain 45% carbohydrate. 2)Increase probiotic contains:- Take eggs regularly. It contains 13 essential nutrients like vitamin –A,B,C,D.It also contain micronutrients, which make heart stronger.Also yogurt can be taken, which have friendly         bacteria good for digestion. 3)Take organic food:-It contains less chemicals. 4)Nuts:-Nuts are cholesterol free. They contains fatty acid ,bio active nutrients, which is good to remove problem like […]