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6 Tips to keep your family healthy

1)Use whole grain:- It contains, vitamins, fibers, minerals and antioxidants. Use brown rice instead of white rice. Use oat, maize, brown rice,wheat. 2) Use less fat milk:-  Milk contains calcium, potassium, protein, vitamin A, magnesium . Do not keep it under sun rays, otherwise it destroy vitamin ,D,B2 contain in it. 3)Take fresh fruits:-  Eat fresh fruits, because cold storage kills 10-70 % nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Do not fry vegetable for long time, otherwise also their nutrients get […]

Color for health

1)Keep blue color bulb in refrigerator.This color reduces your unwanted hunger. Also keep blue, brown color frame around your dining area, which also reduces hunger. 2)Put black color table cloth on dining table, it also reduces hunger. 3)If the color of food and plates are contrast then it also help to control hunger. 4)If you do not like green vegetable or salad and want to eat, then keep it in green plates. 5)If you apply red color on your skin, […]

6 foods to improve eyesight

Following foods can be taken with regularly:- 1)Green Vegetables:- Eat green vegetables. 2)Vitamin rich food:- Eat food which contains vitamin A,C,E. This vitamin contains beta carotene which is good for eye sight. 3)Onion:- Onion contain lot of sulfur, which produces antioxidant in eyes. 4)Eat food with  Selenium:-Selenium help in recovery of cataract.Seeds (Sunflower),Whole-Wheat Bread,Chicken,Mushrooms (Crimini) contains selenium. 5)Soya milk:- Soya milk contains low fat and high protein. And it also contains vitamin A,C,E and fatty acid. 6)Fruits:- Mango,papaya contains lot  […]

5 Tips to avoid dark circles under your eyes

1)Avoid Coffee:-Coffee is not only harmful for skin but also  create dark circles under your eyes. 2)Avoid too much Sweet Potato:- Although it is good for health, but excess eating may create problem like creating dark circles under eyes. 3)Avoid  too much Salt:-Excessive eating of salt will increase water in your body, because it contain sodium and create dark circles under your eyes. 4)Avoid  Chocolate:- Chocolates contains caffeine, which is very bad for skin and create dark circles. 5)Avoid  Peanut […]

10 habits, which must be avoided for healthy lifestyle

1)Avoid Overeating:- Sometimes, you eat snack, even you are not hungry . If you do this repetitively, then this habit kill body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signal. And this habit increase your weight. 2)Overspending:- Financial stress will increase the chances of high blood pressure,insomnia,digestion trouble. You should spend the money within the limit . 3)Morning breakfast:-Never miss morning breakfast. Otherwise it will impact upon your blood sugar level, weight and energy level.It also lower the metabolism, and weight become increases. […]

6 Tips to care legs in summer

1)Wash your legs daily before sleep. 2)Apply moisturizer daily. But do not apply much moisturizer between legs fingers. 3)Apply sun cream, if you are out of home  most of the time for whole day, to prevent it from hot sun rays. 4)Wear comfortable shoes or  sandals, which  should have provision for air pass. 5)Apply  coconut oil before sleep and wash it next day, and also not forget to wear socks after applying coconut oil on legs. 6)Apply Shea Butter with […]

9 food combination for good health

g and dysentery. 2)Green Tea with lemon:- This combination is good for heart’s  health . 3)Apricot with almond:-Apricot contain vitamin E  and C, if it mix with almond then it is used to reduced the quantity of cholesterol. 4)Broccoli with tomato:-This combination is good against cancer. 5)Garlic with onion:- It is good for physical health. 6)Avocado with green salad:-It is good for skin. This combination prevents skin from harmful rays. 7)Ginger with lemon:- Put one piece of ginger in lemon […]

10 Tips to avoid overeating

1)Avoid Binge eating:-“Nothing will happen, If I take only one samosa/cachori/pastry/biscuit”. This mentality should be avoided, even single biscuit contain 50 calorie.Also avoid binge eating. 2)Eat food with concentration:- Do not eat food , while watching  T.V./reading/talking on mobile.Because it distract, and unknowingly eat much food. Many peoples have habit of eating while watching movies in cinema, reading book, or while working on computer.Avoid it. This type of eating known as mindless eating. 3)Balance your calorie:-Extra calorie will convert in […]

22 Tips for Healthier Grocery Shopping

1)Prepare a shopping list and stick with it. 2)Aim for any combination of 9 servings of fruits and vegetables—one medium piece is equal to one serving. Try to get at least 3-5 different colors—Bright, colorful fruits and vegetables contain important compounds called phytochemicals that help prevent a wide variety of illnesses including cancer and heart disease. 3)Choose breads and  pasta that has at least 2 grams of fiber. 4)Choose fish that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which protect […]

Detox diet

Foods and drinks typically recommended as part of detox diets are often nutrient-rich “super foods”, such as:LemonsGreen teaOmega-3 fatsColorful fruits and vegetablesAll of these seem to help the body deal with incoming toxins.In particular, a plant version of glutathione, an important detoxification agent in the brain, can be found in asparagus, spinach, avocado, and squash.