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What should/shouldn’t eaten in Rainy Season

1)Food which should be taken in Rainy Season is:                      ( I ) Hot Soup:-It will not only save you from cold and flu but also provides you moisture.                      ( ii )Herbal Tea:- It is good for digestive system.Also prevent from Influenza.                      ( iii)Boiled Water:- Whether the water source in your home is Municipal Corporation, boring water, or other, you should drink boiled water in rainy season, because water may contain muddy material and many times it appear […]

Tips for taking food according to age

e Cereals, pulses,nuts. After 30 Years of Age:- Folate Food:-Dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach and dried legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils are naturally good sources of folate. Energy Food:- Protein food like meat, chicken,should be taken. Vegetables and Fruits:-It contains phytonutrient and antioxidants elements, which is good against cancer and heart related problems. After 40 Years of Age:- Oily Fish:-Oily fish are a good source of vitamins A and D, and are rich in omega-3 fatty […]

Advantage of Eating Dark Chocolate(Made of pure Cocoa bean)

-It helps to decrease the quantity of Oxidized LDL  or “bad” cholesterol. -It contains anti oxidants, which slow the aging sign on skin. -It also helps to prevent from side effects of harmful rays from sun. -It also contains organic compounds like Flavonols and polyphenols, which act as anti oxidants. -It keeps skin moist and flexi, so  even now a days, spa is using chocolate massage. -It has full of minerals like iron, magnesium, copper,potassium, phosphorous and zinc. -It also […]

4 Tips to Gain weight

1) Shakes:- Take Banana Shake and Protein Shake. Ideal time to consume is, after workout. 2)Vitamin D:- It is very useful in gaining weight. It increase the quantity of Testosterone, which helps to build muscles. Also Vitamin D absorbs calcium very well. 3)Fish Oil:- It contains plethora of fats, calories and other nutritional elements. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids which is used to synthesis muscle protein and helps to gain weight. 4)Whey Protein:- It contains all weight gaining […]

5 Detox Foods

1) Orange:- It is a anti-oxidant,contains lot of vitamin C. It  increases the quantity of  glutathione, which helps in liver detoxification. 2) Eggs:-  It has  plenty of cysteine. Cysteine is an amino acid, which helps in breakdown of Acetaldehyde. By converting Acetaldehyde in to water and Carbon dioxide,  cysteine extract toxic elements from body.Eggs also used to cure hangover. 3)Sweet Potato:- It contains Vitamin B and folate, which helps to improve metabolism, body cells work and normal digestion. 4) Lemon […]

4 Advantages of Staircase running

1) Free workout:- It does not require any costly gym equipment’s and can be done anywhere. 2)Good for Heart Health:- Staircase running reduce bad cholesterol and increases the quantity of good cholesterol. It also reduces hypertension. 3)Increase Age:- Staircase running increases age. Also chances of muscle injury is very less in staircase running compare to other sports/exercise . Also while doing staircase running, muscle become stronger. It improve our whole health. 4)Reduces fats ,waist,weight:- Staircase running reduces fats, waist,weight quickly […]

6 Advantages of Gooseberry (Amla ) Juice

Advantage of Gooseberry(Amla)Juice:- – It is powerful anti oxidant,delays ageing and senile disorders. -Extremely useful in chronic acidity and gastric ulcer. -Useful in anemia as it promotes synthesis of Red blood cell and Hb(hemoglobin). -Boosts body’s immune system, prevents various infections. -Good for eye sight and heart function. -Significantly improves physical and mental health.

5 Advantages of PISTACHIO

1) It contains Vitamin ‘B6’, which increase blood cells and blood circulation. Also it is good against  cancer. 2)It  improves immunity system of body. 3)It has anti burn property,because of Vitamin ‘A’ and ‘E’,which it contains. 4)It makes skin glowing and remove wrinkles from face. 5)It is very good for heart. It  reduced bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol(HDL).

5 Tips to avoid Chronic Back Pain

1) Keep Moving even in mild flu:- Don’t sit ideally for long time,  keep moving , do some physical work . 2)Do regular Yogasan :-  Do regular Yogasan for back like Ardh Shalabhasan, Shalabhasan, Saral Dhanurasan, Dhanurasan, Sarpasan. 3)Try to sit straight as much as you can:- While sitting , try to sit straight, otherwise bending will leads backache. 4)Lift heavy weight with cautious:- While lifting heavy weight like gas cylinder, keep your back  bend but   straight and lift it […]

5 Reasons to avoid eating Instant Noodles

1) It contains Processed Material like Maida flour and have only calorie. 2)During making noodles, it deeply fried with oil , which contains trans fat,and  increases your weight. 3)Instant noodles contain wax coating which is also used in Styrofoam containers.That is why instant noodles don’t stick to each other when cooking . However, regular consumptions make it hard for our livers to clear the toxic. 4)Propylene glycol is mixed in noodles to keep moist. But Propylene glycol is readily absorbed […]