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4 exercise mistakes you must avoid

1)You never take break from your exercise schedule:- This is wrong. Everything need break. If you do not take break from your exercise schedule then it will affect your muscles. In young age, muscle fiber needs 18 hours to heal or repair and in old age, it will take 40 hours, and if you do not give rest  to your muscles then it may affect immunity, sleep and also swelling may produced. 2) You focus only on cardio:-This is also […]

5 Tips for Post Exercise Hunger

1)Take one slice wholegrain bread with one Apple and one scramble egg. 2)Take one wholegrain toast with cottage cheese(paneer) and half glass of Orange Juice. 3)Take roasted nuts with one plate of yogurt and one multigrain toast. 4)Take one plate of brown rice with vegetables,cottage cheese and nuts. 5)Take 10 almonds with seasonal fresh fruits and green salad.


-After you’ve been in the sun, put on vitamin E oil. It is an antioxidant that also neutralizes skin-damaging free radical molecules. -When washing your face, use warm water ? if the water is too hot, you risk washing away too much OIL and drying out your skin. -Green Tea is beneficial for your oral hygiene, your immune system, your heart, and has antioxidants in it which keeps you looking young! -Drink water, eat fruits, workout, sleep more & don’t […]

Workout- Tips

-Dont eat food or drink water before workout.-Do warm up and stretching before workout.-Make your schedule  and stick to it.-When you lift the weight , muscle first compressed and then expanded. And muscle need atleast 48 hours break. So dont repeat any exercise  within 2 days.-Never do exercise after immediate  wake up, because that time muscle is in rest state.-Wear langot or supporter while doing exercise.-Do abdomen exercise before or after workout.-Remember, Gym have three elements:   1) Rod and Plates, […]