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How to reduce Body Weight

1) Drink lot -lot water. 2)Avoid junk food. 3) Avoid  chocolates,cakes,Icecreams, and oily foods. 4)Do regular exercise. Specialy cardio exercise like Running, walking, jogging,cycling etc. 5)Do not eat lot food in single time, instead eat less with regular interval. 6)Avoid late night parties, movies and try to sleep early and awake early. 7)Try to eat food which contains protein .

8 Tips to avoid long Sitting

Draw backs of long  sitting: 1.90% drop in enzymes that helps in fat break down. 2.20% drop in good cholesterol after 2 hours of reclining in chair. 3.24% drop in insulin effectiveness after sitting for 24 hours. 4.54% people more likely to die of a heart attack,who sit for most of  the day. 5.As soon as you sit, the electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off,calorie burning slows. So here are 8 Tips, to avoid long sitting. 1.Stand whenever […]

10 Tips to reduce Flab

1)Plan diet with dietician.Make sure that the diet is high on protein and very less on carbohydrates. 2)Follow the diet right away. 3)Jogging is one of the best way to get rid of all flab.Do Jogging for at least  30 minutes on a daily basis.Stuck to your routine. 4)Reduce the intake of  chocolates, candies,ice cream and sweets. 5)Includes a lot of fruits in diet. Citrus fruits will bring back the glow of your skin. 6)Body works to eliminate toxins when […]

5 Tips for not increase your weight again

1)Metabolic Rate:If your body’s metabolic rate is decreases,then  weight can increase.So take nutrition diet along with your workout. 2)Family History:Weight increase is also related with family history.Under activate thyroid and hormonal imbalance also increases weight. 3)Discipline in Diet:Keep stick with your diet plan even at  in parties,events and functions.Your friends and family members may tempted you to take party food/snacks,but avoid it. 4)Sitting: Do not sit for long time.It may produce lifestyle disease. 5)Healthy and Balance Diet:Take healthy and balance […]